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48 Conduct of Tournaments - 48.2 Type of Tournament - 48.2.4


In the event there are more than sixteen (16) teams, teams will be equally divided into a divisional competition with no fewer than eight teams in each division. The divisions will run in conjunction with each other and will be subject to a promotion and relegation system. Competition will be conducted either in a single round robin format amongst all teams or teams can be split in to two equal pools. In the case of a single round robin, the top four teams will compete in the finals (as per 48.2.2). In the case of two equal pools (as per 48.6 & 48.7). The remaining teams will be seeded as they finished on the points table. Teams on equal points will be separated using the method in Rule 49. In the event that there are two uneven pools, the results of the games that involved the bottom placed team in the larger pool will be removed before using the method in Rule 49 to rank teams from the two pools. The groups will be called Group A, Group B, Group C. Group A being considered the premier group. At the conclusion of all competitions, the bottom three (3) teams in each group will be relegated to the group immediately below it (Group A to Group B). Alternately, the top three (3) teams in each group will be promoted to the group immediately above it (Group B to Group A).

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