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48 Conduct of Tournaments - 48.2 Type of Tournament - 48.2.3


In the event there are more than seven (7) but no more than sixteen (16) teams, teams will be equally divided into two pools. In each pool, a single round robin system will be used. If there are an odd number of teams the size of the two pools will only differ in size by one team. In the event that there are two uneven pools, the results of the games that involved the bottom placed team in the larger pool will be removed before using the method in Rule 49 to rank teams from the two pools. At the end of the round robins, the top four teams from each pool will play against each other in a single elimination format, A1 vs. B4, B2 vs. A3 (winners to semi-final 1), B1 vs. A4, A2 vs. B3 (winners to semi-final 2). The losers will be eliminated from the competition unless placement games are scheduled for that tournament. The winners of the two semi-finals will play for the championship. The losers of the two semi-finals will play for third and fourth place respectively.

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