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49 Ranking of Teams in a Round Robin -


The final ranking of teams at the conclusion of a round robin will be determined by the number of points earned. Each team will earn three (3) points for every win, one (1) point for every tie score, and zero (0) points for every loss. If two or more teams have the same number of points at the end of the round robin, the teams will be separated by using the following methods in this order:? Goal Difference - subtracting a team’s goals scored against from their goals scored in the total round robin ? Number of Wins – teams will be assessed on the number of wins in the round robin. Teams with the most wins will be given the higher ranking. ? Goals Against– the team with the lowest goals against in the overall competition will be given the higher ranking. ? Goal Difference – The same procedure shall be used again, but this time only the games in the round robin between the teams that have to be separated shall be included. In the event that a tie occurs between more than two teams, the above criteria will be used, in order, until one team has been separated. The above criteria will then be used again, from the beginning and order (and will continue to do so), until all teams have been separated and ranking has been decided. In case of tie, draw will apply.

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