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47 Qualifying Standards - 47.4 IBSA Paralympic Goalball Ranking Tournament - 47.4.3


Places for the men’s and women’s tournament will be allocated to regions as set out in this sub section. If a region is not able to occupy their full allocation, those spots left unoccupied will be allocated to teams by IBSA Goalball Sub-Committee depending on when their application to participate in the tournament was received by the organising committee. This list will be published on the IBSA Goalball website each month from the first application and will continue to be published up to final applications are received. A region may not be allocated more than half the available tournament slots. Men's Competition Women's Competition 1 Host Country 1 Host Country 2 Europe 1st 2 Europe 1st 3 Europe 2nd 3 Europe 2nd 4 Europe 3rd 4 Europe 3rd 5 Europe 4th 5 Europe 4th 6 Europe 5th 6 Europe 5th 7 Europe 6th 7 Europe 6th 8 Asia Pacific 1st 8 Asia Pacific 1st 9 Asia Pacific 2nd 9 Asia Pacific 2nd 10 Asia Pacific 3rd 10 Asia Pacific 3rd 11 Asia Pacific 4th 11 Asia Pacific 4th 12 Americas 1st 12 Americas 1st 13 Americas 2nd 13 Americas 2nd 14 Americas 3rd 14 Americas 3rd 15 Africa 1st 15 Africa 1st 16 Africa 2nd 16 Africa 2nd

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