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42.5 Procedure for Reviewing Sanction Penalties


The procedure for reviewing sanction penalties is as follows: The technical delegate for the tournament or member organisation (plaintiff) will, within 28 days from the completion of the tournament, lodge a complaint in writing to the Secretary of the IBSA Goalball Subcommittee (Secretary) which will include the following details. ? the name and contact details of the plaintiff; ? the name of the tournament; ? the date of the tournament; ? details to the nature of the complaint; ? name and contact details of any other person or organisation (if any) who support the complaint The Secretary will immediately inform the IBSA Goalball Subcommittee (Committee) of the complaint. The Secretary will also refer the complaint to the organising committee for the tournament (defendant). The defendant will have a further 28 days from the day the Secretary referred the complaint, to respond in writing to the allegations. The response will include details such as: ? how the agreed essential points were carried out; ? reasons why the agreed essential points were not carried out; ? any circumstances that did not allow the defendant to carry out the agreed essential points. A lack of response from the defendant will be treated by the Subcommittee as if there are no grounds to protest the complaint. Having received all the information, the Subcommittee will decide the penalty(ies) (if any) at their next meeting. The Secretary will then inform the plaintiff and the defendant in writing of the result of the complaint. IBSA Goalball Rules and Regulations 2022-2024

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