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Personal Penalty - Details


In the case of a “Personal Penalty” the referee will blow the whistle, name the penalty, the number of the player and the team. The penalised player will defend the penalty throw. If, due to injury or ejection, the penalised player is unable to defend the penalty, the throwing team will select the defending player from the remaining two players on court. The rules of the game apply to all penalty throws being that if a penalty occurs on the thrower, the throw cannot score and the throwing team will be charged with a personal or team penalty. If a defensive penalty occurs then the throw will be repeated unless that throw scored. If during the act of throwing, the ball finishes in to the thrower’s own goal it will not be counted as a score but as a loss of possession of the ball. If another penalty is awarded during a personal penalty situation, the first penalty will be completed before the second penalty is played. If the team awarded the penalty throw decides to decline the penalty throw, they should indicate by using the hand signal (see Appendix 1) and/or by saying “penalty declined”. The team declining the penalty will have possession of the ball when play starts again. The game clock is stopped during all penalty situations.

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